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Subscriber Account active since. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Get it now on Libro. We've come a long way. Since then, our ideas about sex have opened up a lot — we've become far more accepting of everything from sex before marriage to sex between same-sex couples, and those trends have picked up pace since the s. But in a few areas, like sex outside of marriage, we've actually grown a tad less accepting.

We've grown way more accepting about certain kinds of sex since the 1970s

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I t was January , and America was on the brink of cultural upheaval. In less than a month, the Beatles would land at JFK for the first time, providing an outlet for the hormonal enthusiasms of teenage girls everywhere. The previous spring, Betty Friedan had published The Feminine Mystique , giving voice to the languor of middle-class housewives and kick-starting second-wave feminism in the process. In much of the country, the Pill was still only available to married women, but it had nonetheless become a symbol of a new, freewheeling sexuality. And in the offices of TIME, at least one writer was none too happy about it. The United States was undergoing an ethical revolution, the magazine argued in an un-bylined word cover essay , which had left young people morally at sea.

What Every Generation Gets Wrong About Sex

What can s sex manuals tell us about the height of the Sexual Revolution? Ah, sex in the s. From the hirsute bodies of The Joy of Sex to the grinding bodies on the dance floor at Studio 54, everyone during what became known as the Me Decade seemed to be getting it on.
The sexual revolution , also known as a time of sexual liberation , was a social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and interpersonal relationships throughout the United States and subsequently, the wider world, from the s to the s. Several other periods in Western culture have been called the "first sexual revolution", to which the s revolution would be the second or later. The term "sexual revolution" itself has been used since at least the late s.