Adult polar bear

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As we count down to International Polar Bear Day on February 27 th , we wanted to share ten of our favorite facts about what makes polar bears tick. For a polar bear, home is on the sea ice. Polar bears rely on Arctic sea ice for their survival, a habitat that is literally melting away as the planet warms. They use the ice as a platform to hunt seals, to breed, to roam, and sometimes to den. Penguins do!

Polar Bear

Top 10 facts about polar bears | WWF

Ursus eogroenlandicus Ursus groenlandicus Ursus jenaensis Ursus labradorensis Ursus marinus Ursus polaris Ursus spitzbergensis Ursus ungavensis Thalarctos maritimus. The polar bear Ursus maritimus is a hypercarnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle , encompassing the Arctic Ocean , its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses. It is the largest extant bear species, as well as the largest extant land carnivore. Although it is the sister species of the brown bear , [8] it has evolved to occupy a narrower ecological niche , with many body characteristics adapted for cold temperatures, for moving across snow, ice and open water, and for hunting seals , which make up most of its diet. Their scientific name means " maritime bear" and derives from this fact. Polar bears hunt their preferred food of seals from the edge of sea ice, often living off fat reserves when no sea ice is present.

Polar bear

Polar bears are large, white bears that like cold climates, fatty meals and long days of hunting. No matter how adorable polar bears look, these animals are not cuddly. In fact, polar bears are ferocious hunters, and they are the biggest carnivores among land animals. Polar bears are also the largest species of bear.
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