African sexuality

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PIP: All women find sexuality problematical, especially women living in countries that were colonized or colonized others. The stereotype of repressed sexuality in Victorian England found its antithesis in the stereotype of promiscuous African sexuality which had to be "civilized" and controlled through religion and repression. Colonizing nations have seen the discourse on sexuality move from the private to the public domain, while Africa maintains its silence on the subject. Sexuality is a difficult topic because it embraces the most intimate and individual of our human emotions, thus, it is difficult even to voice sexual preferences to a lifetime partner. In addition, especially in Africa, sexuality is a very gender-specific social construct. Africans foster heterosexuality through socialization from early childhood and discourage any sign of sexual stimulation in their children.

African sexuality and the legacy of imported homophobia

Sexuality in Africa - Wikipedia

P rior to the s , historians of Africa rarely paid explicit attention to sexuality, a topic generally presumed to belong more appropriately to anthropology or psychology. Medical anthropologists thus now routinely acknowledge the importance of historical change, context, and specificity to their research on sexual health. Several problems remain, however, that are quickly apparent both in studies about African sexualities and in the ways that Africa is represented or engaged or not in global sexuality studies. Same-sex sexuality is still largely overlooked in these, and even in texts aimed directly at sexual healthcare professionals. Attempts to counter that blind spot have tended to rely heavily on the exhumation of colonial ethnographies, forensic evidence, and missionary diatribes, with limited effectiveness.

Sexuality in Africa

It was viewed as a massive success and a historic moment across the continent. Despite this the more than half of the countries in Africa outlaw homosexuality, with four enforcing the death penalty. Of course not.
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