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Anemia is a common, multifactorial condition among older adults. Incidence of anemia in older adults is not well characterized. Several studies demonstrate that anemia is associated with poorer survival in older adults. This review details the distribution and consequences of anemia in older adults and identifies future epidemiologic research needs. Population aging is occurring worldwide with both the number and proportion of older adults increasing globally.

Adolescent Anemia Screening During Ambulatory Pediatric Visits in the United States

Epidemiology of Anemia in Older Adults

Anemia is a lack of either hemoglobin or red blood cells in the body. Hemoglobin say: HE-mo-globe-in is the iron-rich protein in red blood cells RBCs that allows transport of oxygen to the tissues. Anemia occurs when the amount of hemoglobin in a person's blood is too low. This means there is not enough delivery of oxygen to the body.

Epidemiology of Anemia in Older Adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends anemia screening for reproductive age women every 5—10 years and annually for those with risk factors. Due to the lower risk of anemia among males, screening for men is recommended only if risk factors exist. Data are from the — National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, a nationally representative sample of ambulatory visits to primary care practices. Multivariable logistic regression identified patient, provider and practice-level factors associated with screening. During the study period, 1, preventive care visits occurred for year-olds.
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