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This article doesn't cite any "sources" because there is very little discussion of the game on the web. Most are comments from random users who may or may not have played the game. This article is mostly "original research", but it is research that can readily be duplicated by anybody who will go to the trouble of finding the game and playing it. In short, it should meet the criteria for publication in a peer-reviewed journal: it tells you how to replicate the research. The only matters of opinion in this article are in the section on "Problems" that I added to make the article less like an advertisement. I suppose somebody could disagree with my assertion that certain changes would be improvements, even though this seems to me to be self-evident to anybody who spends 15 minutes playing the game.

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As of February 5, , the latest version is Babysitting Cream v1. The game, originally created in Flash , would be remade as a standalone program with GameMaker to resolve maintainability issues. Development continues as of January 30, On march , Protofan published a Ren'Py conversion of the Flash game, made by decompiling the last official flash version from Aval0nX, and updating the images using artificial intelligence upscalers, fixing some bugs and reinstating some broken scenes. On september , F95Zone user FuzzyBunny23, got the source code from Dark Coven's Ren'Py conversion and started updating it to fix more bugs, enhance the playability, add new scenes, and trying to complete unfinished routes.
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