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Imagine if Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were addicted to drugs, then had a child together while under the influence of narcotics—wait, that's a bit too obscene—imagine if all the Asian WTF videos you've ever watched on the internet got together and starred in an arcade game. That game would be Dong Dong Never Die. With a name like that, it's hard not to be curious about what sort of insanity lies within this freeware gem. Released in by a group of Chinese fighting game fans, DDND must be played to be believed—screenshots can only convey so much of the "I have no idea what's going on" wackiness this indie game serves up. Made in the do-it-yourself program 2D Fighter Maker, DDND will feel instantly recognizable to anyone that's played a '90s fighting game. On LSD.

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Dong Dong Never Die - Download

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Dong Dong Never Die (China) (Fan made) PC

Dong Dong Never Die is an unclassifiably strange fighting game which mashes up elements of history, science fiction, Chinese legend, and other video games to create a game with a weird roster of fighters. Derived from series like Street Fighter and King of Fighters, this game features digitised human fighters and is packed with in-jokes and references that probably make sense only to the developers. If you've played other fighting games, you'll find the basic principles of Dong Dong Never Die familiar: two characters face off in a 2D environment, trying to inflict damage on each other while building up the energy to use their special moves. Attacks include punches, kicks, thrown mushrooms, scalpels, umbrellas, bazookas, rifles, eyebeams, and calling in Optimus Prime to run over your opponent. Characters include the Monkey King, the Terminator, a football player, a pair of nurses, a construction worker, and Mario.
There would be a "street fighter" fighting competition in Guangzhou city of China in Before the finals, many fighters disappeared mysteriously. All the clue leads to the "Biochemistry Man". A policeman named "Dongdong" from Sichuan province began the trip to the South. He disguised himself as a fighter, aiming to find out the turth of the case.