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Iglesias was born in San Diego, California , [2] the youngest of six children [ failed verification ] of Esther P. Iglesias worked for a cell phone company in Los Angeles and in went into comedy full-time, though it resulted in him being evicted from his home and losing his car. In , he appeared in the sixth season of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That , co-starring with Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon. Iglesias was a contestant on the fourth season of reality TV series Last Comic Standing in , surviving elimination to become one of the final eight comics. He was disqualified at that point for having used a smuggled BlackBerry to communicate with family and friends, which violated the rules of the show. That same year, he began voicing a recurring set of identical twin characters on The Emperor's New School , a Disney animated series that he describes as his favorite voice work.

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However you feel about obesity and its effect on society, you will be hard-pressed to find funnier things on the internet than these fat guys and their exploits. Are these fat guy videos and pictures funnier because these large and in charge dudes are hilariously chubby? Resolutely, yes. However, many of these funny fat guy pictures would be just as funny if they featured skinny guys. Hahaha, no they wouldn't. This list is dedicated to the heaviest hitters in viral Internet history, which is a horrible way to say that the following list will detail the greatest, most memorable and therefore epic fat men from popular viral videos, pictures, and memes. From the Star Wars Kid and the Numa Numa Guy to the guys who ate 40 pizza rolls and a box of Twinkies, these overweight gentlemen make the world a better place.

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I am married, a conservative dresser, frankly not very good-looking at all but I do have blond hair, so maybe that counts for something on a guy's internal whore-o-meter , but I speak karate-choppin'-good Spanish. In fact, that's my job: I interpret for Spanish speakers when they go to the doctor's office. So then why, when I interpret for a Mexican man, does he seem culturally required at some point to say something gross to me? He had a series of doctor's appointments wherein he got poked and prodded, and his sexual dysfunction was discussed ad infinitum with me as the intermediary I think this might have something to do with it.
Birthday: Aug 28, Birthplace: Cayey, Puerto Rico. Having appeared in numerous high profile features and television shows, actor Luis Guzman developed into a prominent character actor equally adept at performing in comedies and dramas. Guzman began his career in often nameless roles, playing assorted thugs and cops in films like "Crocodile Dundee II" and "The Hard Way"