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The GERL system is associated with biological processes such as endocytosis and exocytosis. It is comprised of 1 Golgi apparatus, 2 endoplasmic reticulum, and 3 lysosome. Golgi apparatus The Golgi apparatus is made up of cisternae origination from the vesicles that bud off from the endoplasmic reticulum. The stacks are comprised of fused, flattened cisternae that are linked together by tubular microtubules connections.

Cytochemical studies of GERL and its role in secretory granule formation in exocrine cells

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GERL was morphologically and cytochemically similar in all cell types studied. It was located in the inner Golgi region and consisted of cisternal and tubular portions. Immature secretory granules were in continuity with GERL through multiple tubular connections. Modified cisternae of endoplasmic reticulum, with ribosomes only on one surface, closely paralleled parts of GERL.

These organelles form a system that when combined with the endocytotic and exocytotic pathways provide a means by which the cell can. Provide for the processing, recycling and removal of wastes from the cell. The figure below illustrates the interaction between various components of the GERL and various cellular structures. Explanations follow. Internally formed, membrane bound vesicles fuse with plasma membrane and release their contents to the external environment - secretion.
The vasopressin-producing neurons of the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system are a particularly good model with which to consider the relationship between the Golgi apparatus nd GERL and their roles in secretory granule production because these neurons increase their synthesis and secretion of vasopressin in response to hyperosmotic stress. In nonincubated preparations of control supraoptic perikarya, immature secretory granules at the trans face of the Golgi apparatus were frequently attached to a narrow, smooth membrane cisterna identified as GERL. Secretory granules were occasionally seen attached to Golgi saccules.