Girls in crotchless pants

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Crotchless panties

Crotchless panties

I always thought, when it came to formal occasions, that underwear was for the weak or the menstruating. Running bareback, going commando , being an Eve in the garden of Eden — whatever you wanted to call it — gave me the excitement of exposure. I had an all or nothing mentality. There was no in between — I could rock a thong, do the booty cut, but essentially, my undergarment ethos had been limited to a strict granny panties, or G. JOE commando philosophy. But how mistaken I was. The silky flexible folds on the crotch of the underwear concealed an almost trap door like opening — one that had to be teased open, guided, pushed, encouraged to let anything enter it.

Crotchless knickers and panties for when you're feeling extra

Crotchless knickers or crotchless panties are so fun to own - not only do they just feel a little bit dirty and therefore sexy just me? And, there is nothing sexier than slipping your knickers to the side to let someone in to do whatever it is you do. Here are 14 of the best open-crotch pants - from rubber vibes to cute lacy ones.
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