Guy feeling girls boobs

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Ever heard that? So why do guys like boobs so much? Why do guys like feeling breasts? What do guys like doing with breasts?

6 Things Men Get Wrong About Boobs

True GUY Confession: What It Feels Like to Touch Breasts for the First Time | Glamour

Today, a year-old guy remembers what it felt like to touch a woman's breasts for the very first time The first time a guy touches breasts is a very important event in his life, like his first professional baseball game or his Bar Mitzvah. I was 15 years old when I first felt a woman's breast. As a freshman in high school, I had been dating T. We had made out a few times, and the chemistry was building. One Friday, after a study group at a friend's house, T.

Real guys tell you how it felt like to touch boobs for the first time

Because it feels nice and I like boobs, like I said it makes me horny. Boobs is one of the things that makes a girl a girl. Do you like to touch a man's chest?
Great news for men who like boobs: Research suggests that during sex, women want you to touch their boobs about as much as you want to touch them. Only 7. The problem is that nobody really tells men what to do with boobs. Bras are really expensive, and to find a bra that works which is to say, one that makes our breasts look shapely and one to four sizes larger than they actually are we have to try on about of them.