Having sex at the beach

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It's the ultimate summer sex fantasy—but it poses some health risks. Just like shower sex, sex on an ocean beach or in a swimming pool is hardly as glamorous IRL as it seems. Thanks, porn. Please make sure you have it to yourself.

Shocking video shows couple having SEX on a beach in middle of day

Is It Safe to Have Sex on the Beach or In a Pool? | loteriasdecehegin.com

Having sex on the beach is a lot like eating a chili cheese corn dog: amazing in theory, but messy as hell in reality. In your fantasies, you're making sweet love in the moonlight to the sound of waves crashing against the shore; in reality, you're dodging roving flashlight beams and picking sand out of places you didn't know existed. So what's it really like to have sex on the beach? We scoured Reddit for real people's stories of getting down and dirty literally in the sand: the good, the bad, and the incredibly uncomfortable. Check out their sex-on-the-beach stories below. And if you're thinking about having sex on the beach this summer, you probably want to read up on avoiding the health risks associated with it.

13 Real People Share Stories of Having Sex on the Beach

In the movies, when a couple has sex on the beach, it's always spontaneous, romantic, almost magical. But let's be real, if you try to do that, you'll likely end up with sand where it's not supposed to be—and not much else. That doesn't mean you can't have beach sex, it just means you need to prepare before you take the plunge. She even suggests running through a few "what if" scenarios—like "What if it starts raining? That might sound like work the opposite of what sex is supposed to be , but think of it like planning a mini-vacation.
So, I gotta say: sex on the beach is way overrated. I mean, I get it. The beach is super romantic. Waves crashing, moon rising, ocean or lake stretching out into what looks like infinity… Sigh.