Outlast 2 banned scene

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The latest instalment of a popular video game franchise has been banned in Australia, with censors citing a scene in which a female monster sexually assaults the player's character during a "ritualistic" sex scene. The horror game Outlast II has been refused classification by the Classification Board, meaning it cannot be legally sold in Australia. The sequel to a popular bestseller, the game — which is due for worldwide release next month — revolves around a husband and wife investigative journalism duo who get caught up with a doomsday cult. In its decision, the board describes a first-person cut-scene in which a "female creature" prepares the protagonist — Blake Langermann — for some kind of ritual. The board said while much of the following scene "is obscured", the "ritualistic orgy" scene implies an assault "which is sexual in nature". The board says the described scene does "not represent an exhaustive list of the content that caused the computer game to be refused".

Video game Outlast II banned by Australian censors over 'ritualistic' sex scene

Watch That "Banned" Outlast 2 Scene

Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. A sequel, titled Outlast 2, was released in April Be kind to each other. Please follow Reddiquette.

Outlast 2 isn't banned in Australia after all

Red Barrel's upcoming first-person horror game Outlast 2 has been rejected by the Australian classification board. As reported by Kotaku , the country's ratings board denied the game a classification, effectively banning it from sale. This is far from the first time Australia's ratings board has denied a game entry into its country. The same thing happened with Mortal Kombat , Hotline Miami 2 , and Saints Row 4 twice , in that instance, as the censored version was still rejected before a scrubbed version fit the bill.
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