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The Paris Hilton sex tape has been making headlines again! The uncut version has been released and all her admirers want to see what dirty footage could have been left out. If you don't know much about this kinky socialite, allow me to inform you. She was born with a silver spoon and dreamt of becoming a singer or an actress. The footage involves Hilton and then boyfriend Rick Salomon having an intimate physical good time while on vacation. This video was recorded on a tripod camera mostly in the night vision but some scenes are in normal mode.

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It's an old one — it's up there with Pamela Anderson when it comes to the original sex tape queens, but it hasn't lost its luster. The Paris Hilton sex tape remains one of the biggest online scandals of the modern day Internet. When news of the tape spread back in , people were beside themselves! Oh shit! Even better than that, it shows her sucking dick like she's hungry?

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