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Being a porn star might not be the kind of job you'd like to write home to your parents or your granny about, but it turns out it could actually be a pretty lucrative means of paying the bills - if you're into that kind of thing. The Independent recently spoke to Derek Hay - former porn star and founder of LA Direct Models, which represents a number of the leading adult performers in the industry - to find out whether money in the bank is the real incentive for these professional sex-havers. According to Derek, the money varies from porn star to porn star depending on their status, who their agent is and various other factors, but there is basic rate of pay to be expected. So how do the male salaries compare? Interestingly, porn is one of the only industries where female earnings are, on average, far higher than their male counterparts. Derek Hay says it's "universally known that women get paid a lot more" in porn, but he did note that men still get paid "what most people would think is a lot", and that they tend to work more frequently than women.

This is how much porn stars get paid

Porn Stars of Color Face Racial Inequality and Wage Gap Too | Colorlines

How much do Japanese porn stars make? Ex-porn actress Erina Okazaki tells all in one interview. Okazaki joined the entertainment industry at the young age of She became very frustrated. Porn stars are paid according to their popularity, she says. Male porn stars, she says, have tougher work conditions than their female counterparts.

This is how much porn stars get paid

There's a well-worn porn cliche about the college student-turned-actress who decided to have sex in front of a camera in order to pay off her student loans. Like many cliches, it's rarely true — but it's worth wondering: How big are paychecks in the porn business, anyway? Money is a topic that's shrouded in mystery in the adult entertainment world.
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