R kelly ex wife twerking

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Even though dancing is what brought R. Kelly and Drea together, it does not mean she's ready to stop strutting her stuff! Can Tammy and Deb keep up with Drea's moves and learn a thing or two in the process? Video Extra. Video Extras from This Episode. Waka's Birthday Celebration!

Drea Kelly's Sexy Dance Class!

Drake Kelly’s Epic Twerk Video | Bossip

I never could quite understand the union between Robert and Andrea Kelly. But first thing this morning, as I was perusing Instagram on the toilet, I saw a glimpse of what she might have put on Kellz back in the day to make him want to walk down that aisle. And yesterday, in Atlanta, she hosted a Ladies Night Out event where she was teaching women how reclaim their sexy with the art of seduction. When I first watched the video I wondered why no one was applauding. Later, when I learned it was a class, I realized this women were studying…intently. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

R Kelly’s Nearly 50-Year-Old Ex Twerking It Out #ForTheBros (Video)

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