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As patients lie on floors, and nurses make gowns from rubbish bags, health workers vent their fury at a government fatally slow to react. Last week the spotlight was on it once again, but for a far grimmer reason. Inside are thousands of beds, in row after precisely spaced row. Yesterday the number of deaths surged to a new record for the country, with people dying in 24 hours. The virus has so far claimed 5, lives. Her last conversation with him was on 16 March, after the year-old said he had hurt his foot after a fall at the care home where he lived.

Jersey Care Inquiry hears girls 'sedated and raped'

The naked patient: The modesty movement won't take it lying down - Chicago Tribune

Most of us will have to undergo an operation at some time in our lives. In December , I was having gynaecological surgery to check for cancer. Before I was sedated there were four people in the room -- the nurse, two attendants and the anaesthetist. After I woke up in the recovery suite, I saw a nurse showing another nurse something on a mobile phone. The nursing colleague was unimpressed with what she was being shown and was very angry.

The naked patient: The modesty movement won't take it lying down

A former resident of a girls' home has told the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry girls were repeatedly sedated and raped there in the s and 50s. Jean Neil, 79, has written about her experiences in the care system in her book "Chair Bound to Heaven Bound. She said from about the age of eight she would be carried downstairs and injected by members of staff. She said this also happened to other girls. Mrs Neil said: "You were in a state where you had no ability to struggle.
Patient modesty might seem like an oxymoron when those seeking medical care are routinely told to strip, lie back and let the professionals do their work. But to many people, everything about those instructions induces anxiety and even anger. They fear the vulnerability that comes with being naked.