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The following is a list of notable Germans of Turkish descent , including both original ethnic Turkish immigrants and their descendants who are of full or partial Turkish descent. Most notable German Turks have come from, or originate from, Turkey ; however, there are also notable Germans of Turkish origin who have immigrated from, or descend from, earlier migrations during the Ottoman Empire e. Fatima Kariman [1] and her children Frederick Augustus Rutowsky [2] and Maria Anna Katharina Rutowska , as well as Karl Boy-Ed who was of partial Turkish origin [3] [4] In addition, there are notable people in Germany who have come from, or descend from, ethnic Turkish communities groups from other post-Ottoman nation-states , especially from the Balkans e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Started by hemanee , 26 Sep Posted 26 Sep All the turks I know married other Turks. Offhand I cannot think of anyone that dated and or married a German in the time I knew them. Munich as a City is neither "conservative" nor particularly Cathlic. It is very different from rural Bavaria. Clearly we German girls are so busy dating African-Americans we have no time to date Turks.

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He riffs in German. He rhymes in Turkish. Moving like liquid, he has the joints of a ghost.
We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The first Turkish-German woman to appear on the cover of the German Playboy described the photos as an "act of liberation" from her strict upbringing. The story has reignited the debate on integration, Islam and gender.