Sex positions in car

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Or perhaps you want to do it with your Lyft driver right then and there. Would you rather have sex in a car than not have sex at all? Car sex is always better than no sex. Like, come on. In my younger years, I killed way too many brain cells hitting my head on the roof of cars. It all comes down to positions.

7 Car Sex Positions That Go Way Beyond Missionary

10 Best Car Sex Positions - How to Have Sex In a Car, Per Experts

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. In the movies, car sex always looks really hot. There's the steamy, passionate, hand-thrown-against-the-window car sex Jack and Rose have in Titanic , the spontaneous car make out scene in The Virgin Suicides , and the tender moment between Lloyd and Diane after they do it in a vehicle in Say Anything. And, miraculously, all of the participants always look super comfortable. But how much do these movie scenes mimic real life?

9 Car-Friendly Sex Positions For Getting It On In The Back Seat

Regardless of your age, car sex can still be fun and adventurous. Steamy windows, the smell of sex, all carry with you on the ride home. It gives you a lovely reminder of what fun you just had and possibly, what fun there is to come! Almost empty parking lots are a great spot for steamy sex in the car. You can also try the parking area during a concert while the show is ongoing.
Finding car sex positions that are comfortable and get you off can be tough. Still, there are some car sex positions everyone can enjoy, even in the tiniest of vehicles. If you can reach, getting each other off at the same time can be super sexy.