Internet enabled sex toys

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Set it up in minutes and turn your smartphone into a wireless remote control. Play by yourself or hand off your smartphone to your partner and watch them with excitement as they pleasure you from across the room. Our app allows you to give control to someone who is miles away. Simply have that person download the app and you add them as a friend. Additionally, some toys are a part of our Programmable line which allows you to have complete control over your pleasure.

Our long-distance sex toys are the best way to stay intimate!

The 5+ Best Long Distance Couple Sex Toys in (& Deals)

Sex is not what it used to be. You have virtual reality porn, futuristic sex toys, and professionally molded vagina replicas. It can be hard to find the right sex toy, not because of a lack of options, but because there are too many options to pick from. The multitude of interactive products available is growing by the day as technology continues to improve. And thanks to the Internet, with all the dating apps and social networks to navigate, the sex game has forever been altered. One-night stands and long distance relationships are more relevant in modern society than ever. LDR lovers no longer have to be deprived of intimacy thanks to interactive long distance sex toys.

Now is the worst time to buy internet-connected sex toys, but there are alternatives

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. While all long-distance sex toys can be used as regular sex toys , not all regular sex toys can be used long-distance. Toys specifically made for long-distance relationships tend to be vibrators that are operated via Wi-Fi, meaning the other person can control their rhythm and intensity from across the room — or across the world.
Since it's the age of technology, you and a partner could celebrate by installing an app on your phone that lets you control a vibrator your partner discreetly wears in their underwear all day. I mean, if you wanted to! From over-exuberant manufacturers who slurp up data to security flaws that hackers could exploit, teledildonics can be a privacy nightmare. Carltrider explains that they picked products based on what seemed popular online, while also trying to be inclusive of all sexual orientations, genders, and physical abilities. So what makes for a cyber-safe sex toy?