Sex on extacy

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Ecstasy can make people horny, with an increased sense of touch. But it can make it difficult to get a hard-on or to come. As the drug lowers your inhibitions it can make some people more likely to risk getting or passing on HIV.


Ecstasy, sex and STIs | NDARC - National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

The purposes of this study are to 1 examine the extent to which young adult Ecstasy users recently reported having had multiple sex partners and 2 identify the factors predictive of engaging in this behavior. This research is based on a sample of young adult recurrent users of the drug, Ecstasy. Study participants were recruited in Atlanta, Georgia between August and August using a targeted sampling and ethnographic mapping approach. Interviews took approximately two hours to complete. Nearly one-third of the study participants had more than one sex partner during the preceding month, and sexual protection rates tended to be low. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed seven predictors associated with an increased likelihood of having multiple sex partners: 1 being nonwhite, 2 knowing someone who was HIV-positive, 3 younger age of first sexual experience, 4 using Ecstasy for its touch-enhancing qualities, 5 higher self-esteem, 6 handling disagreements more dysfunctionally, and 7 not being involved in a romantic relationship.

MDMA and sexual behavior: ecstasy users' perceptions about sexuality and sexual risk

As part of our annual Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System EDRS survey, researchers ask regular ecstasy users about their sexual health, including whether they get tested for sexual transmitted infections STIs , what STIs if any they have, and if they have sex under the influence of drugs. Our colleagues at the Burnett Institute put together the last five years of data — There were some interesting findings:. Rather it is derived from a sample of regular ecstasy users, that is people who have used ecstasy at least six times in the six months prior to the survey.
Ecstasy increase s your perception of colours and music, making it the most commonly used drug on the club , music and festival circuit. Ecstasy can be swallowed, snorted, smoked, or inserted up your ass. Unlike other drugs, ecstasy will not numb the area it comes into contact with so , if you booty-bump or snort it, then it can hurt. Ecstasy has mild hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like qualities.