Jerking off before bed

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Masturbation is a fun, natural, and safe way to learn about your body, practice self-love, and get a better sense of what turns you on between the sheets. Read on to find out why people think masturbation affects sexual performance and how you and your partner! Some people believe masturbating before partner sex gets the buildup out of the way, essentially releasing any pent up sexual tension that could make you climax quickly. Others may experience a shift in hormone levels that slows down their sex drive, as well as the time it takes to orgasm. Everyone experiences a refractory period — or recovery phase — after climax. Climax occurs when your body reaches its limit for sexual stimulation.

Why masturbating before bed helps you sleep

Masturbating Before Sex: Will It Prolong Sex or Lead to Better Orgasm?

Everyone has a different masturbation routine. Some do it daily, some weekly, some in the morning, some in public bathrooms No matter when, where, or how you do it, there are so many positive effects of masturbating — and it's fun! It can help you stay in touch with yourself and your sexuality , and is also an extremely satisfying way to pass the time.

Masturbation and Sleep

The flip side is true as well: masturbation also helps you wake up in the morning. According to our survey , the former is much more common. What gives? How is it possible that masturbating can both help you fall asleep and wake you up? As of right now, there is no solid scientific evidence showing a link between masturbation and ease of falling asleep.
Enter bedtime masturbation. Just like lighting a candle, slapping on a face mask or having a warm bath, masturbation can provide a soothing, relaxing effect that can help you drift off into an untroubled sleep. And the authors of the new research think they know why this is.