Naked turkeys

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Naked Turkeys!

Stew's Naked FREE RANGE Turkey | Stew Leonard's Catering

The Naked Neck is a breed of chicken that is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent. Originally from Transylvania - Romania, and was largely developed in Germany. The name "Turken" arose from the mistaken idea that the bird was a hybrid of a chicken and the domestic turkey. The trait for a naked neck is a dominant one controlled by one gene and is fairly easy to introduce into other breeds, [4] however these are hybrids rather than true Naked Necks, which is a breed recognized by the American Poultry Association since , it was introduced in Britain in the s. There are other breeds of naked necked chicken, such as the French naked neck, which is often confused with the Transylvanian, and the naked necked gamefowl. Despite its highly unusual appearance, the breed is not particularly known as an exhibition bird, and is a dual-purpose utility chicken. They lay a respectable number of light brown eggs , and are considered desirable for meat production because they need less plucking and they have a meaty body.

Naked Neck

Joyce Farms Naked Turkeys are different than the mass-produced, factory-farmed turkeys found in most supermarkets today. These all-natural birds are grown for superior culinary attributes and a high quality eating experience. Heritage Black Turkey is an old breed, one of the first to be developed from Native American stocks. Joyce Farms raises these special birds on a small family farm in North Carolina and processed them by hand in their own plant, where they are also air-chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness and perfect texture.
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