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Miles Adam Park. Christian, religion, evangelical, sex, sexuality, pornography, sex toy, marital aid, lingerie, body, gender, identity, Web site, Internet. Contributing to the corpus of research on religion and sexuality as well as studies of the body, this thesis introduces and analyzes the overlooked and recent phenomenon of Christian sex toy and lingerie Web sites. This project begins by historically contextualizing these eighteen marital aid ministries to find that the sites are new variations of past cultural, sexual, and religious trends to cater to both body and soul. This innovative renegotiation of religion, sex, and the Internet, however, is cause for many to question the normative Christian identity of the sites and the religious legitimacy of the activities they promote.

28 Non-Pornographic Things That Have Been Described As 'Porn for Women'

28 Non-Pornographic Things That Have Been Described As 'Porn for Women' | HuffPost

An adult non-pornographic website is a website about issues related to human sexuality. It is not a pornographic website, although it may contain images of a graphic nature. Adult non-pornographic websites are difficult to classify in most mainstream web directories and search engines. Due to the nature of their sexual content, they are often mistaken in searches as pornographic sites, even when the "adult" content is informational. However, people who visit them are often seeking something other than pornography, [1] such as information on a wide variety of sexual topics or discussions with other individuals. Wikipedia's articles on these relevant topics can be lumped into this category of website because of their graphic nature and educational intent. While the websites may enforce restrictions on their contributors regarding what they write, some content may in fact be indistinguishable from that at a typical pornographic website.

Pornhub to release first non-pornographic movie

March 3, pm Updated March 3, pm. Ubiquitous American pornography website Pornhub is releasing its first ever non-adult film on Wednesday, the company exclusively announced to Variety. The move places the digital giant, which estimated 42 billion visits to the site last year, in the company of other streamers seeking to expand audiences and diversify its content portfolios. It hails from the upper echelons of the art world, where the project enjoyed a prestige rollout in exhibits at the Whitney Museum and MoMA over the last three years. It is culled from neatly 15 years of footage shot by Weinraub over her adult life, and offers a humorous, sensual and informative look at a vibrant subculture.
Intentionally or not, this page has become a spam magnet of adult sites. This page requires text from neutral reliable sources , not from dubious adult sites, which are only happy to promote themselves via wikipedia for free. I cannot see any reason why this website doesnt qualify as an adult nonpornographic website.