Pile driver sex position

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Top definition. In BDSM, a bondage position used by the female dominant to peg her male submissive partner. The submissive is lying on his back with his legs tied high above his head, causing his ass to be raised up in the air. For added restriction , his hands may also be bound.

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Piledriver Sex Position

The piledriver position is an advanced sexual position. It involves the penetrating partner standing and the receiving partner lying on their neck. The piledriver position can be used for heterosexual and homosexual sex, and for vaginal or anal penetration. To get in the piledriver position, the receiver lies on their neck, with hips up in the air and legs extended horizontally past the head or up in the air. The giver then stands with legs either side of their partner.
The Piledriver sex position is quite an exotic position that requires a lot of flexibility. It can be very awkward to get into this position with your man. And once you are in it, it can be quite uncomfortable for both of you. One of the best aspects of the Piledriver position is that both vaginal and anal sex are possible.