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Three has become two… but the chemistry is still burning strong. Two mermen, a lady, and a menage a trois… need we save more? The Good Bits is run by women, for women… and anyone else who cares to join. We are diverse, sex-positive, and anti-shame.

18 Steamy Erotic Stories Written By Women — & Why They’re Important

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Instead, there remains a bit of a misconception that all of modern erotica is somehow similar to Fifty Shades , with female submissives being the name of the game. Writing erotica has irrevocably changed my life , and has given me new perspectives on my own sexuality as well as those of my fellow human beings. The past decade has seen a boom in women turning to the page to detail sexy stories that would very likely make even Christian Grey blush. The fact that erotica, along with erotic romance — from blockbuster print bestsellers to upstart indie ebook publishers to websites and magazines like Congress — is now so widely available means that we are becoming more comfortable talking about sex, including some deeply kinky sex.

33 Women Reveal The Hot Stories From Their Past They Fantasize About While Touching Themselves

By Rory Richards. I feel like I just had SEX!!! Your mind intrigues me and your words take me away on a sweet journey that quickly spirals towards ecstasy. We found a great little rental house for the summer - it's right on the beach! The place is so comfortable that it immediately feels like home.
He handcuffs my wrists and ankles to the bed and made me orgasm with a vibrator, then his tongue, then his cock. We snuck into the bathroom at work, and I took her top off and sucked on her tits while she rubbed my clit with her hands. She eventually went down on me and, let me tell you, she knew how to get me off faster and harder than any guy has. It was keeping the secret.