Teen titans fan art

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I dedicate this piece to Jamie A great artist and a great friend! I tried to mix the comic and animated styles a bit. I told you, Star. Just a few inches more!

Teen Titans Go?

Teen Titans Fan Art That Looks Better Than The TV Shows | CBR

I want this turned into a teen titans reboot NOW. Im pretty sure that's deathstroke. So much yes you are inspiring me XD. Awesome work! Amazing art! In America it is a cartoon. A lot more stuff count as anime in Japan.

Teen Titans

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Robin is heavily connected to Batman since he was once Batman's sidekick. Cyborg is half human and half robot which allows him to use powers normal human beings don't have. Beastboy has the ability to morph into any animal he wants, be it a shark, a bird, a lion, or something else. Raven has the power of dark magic under her belt and she thrives in darkness. Starfire has superhuman strength and durability and she can also absorb energy in a way that other heroes can only dream of.