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Jump to navigation. This week's picture is something that you can use outside. I use mine every day. It helps me keep fit. The last two photos were a bit difficult, so this week's photo is easier.

Teens arrested for 'hate crime' photo of George Floyd death

BBC News - 'Sexting' survey shows pressure faced by teens

By Sam Mcevoy For Mailonline. Thousands of British teenagers are selling their own naked pictures and videos online — making ridiculous sums of money each month in the process, an investigation has found. The use of social media websites like Twitter and Snapchat are also being used to help boost and promote profiles in a bid to earn more cash while making the most successful on the site millionaires in no time. One user named Lauren, from Northamptonshire, spoke to the BBC to reveal how she went on to become one of the British-based website's top earners in the world in a short period of time. British girls are making thousands of pounds selling explicit photos of themselves online, using social media websites like Twitter and Snapchat to boost their earnings. Lauren said: 'You have to be smart — I'm aware this doesn't have longevity.

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Body image is how someone thinks and feels about themselves physically. The onset of puberty can cause teenagers to become more aware of the way they look, and become more anxious about it, due to all the new hormones the body releases as a young person develops. Their body will change, and they may develop body odour and spots.