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At the height of the hysteria, roving gangs of vigilantes even beat up foreigners who ordered prostitutes, and posted the videos online. Wracked by a fierce economic downturn and a slow-burning war with Russia in the East, Ukrainians have bigger things to worry about than priapic male tourists. The group now focuses on more global issues, like abortion rights and the denigration of women in Islamic culture. With gay pride marches frequently attacked by right-wing thugs, Ukrainian society has turned its focus inwards. Under pressure from the EU, parliament passed a law last November banning companies from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. A script I wrote years ago with a high-profile Ukrainian director that initially included a FEMEN demonstration now features a violent gay pride march instead.

Welcome to Kiev: city of beautiful women and a prospering sex industry

What scared Ukraine’s ‘sex tourists’ away – POLITICO

You can look the presentation on-line or download full verstion for you computer. Channel 24 apologized to the Sociological Group "Rating" for mistaken publication of inaccurate information. Language : Ua Ru En. Date posted: Tags leisure society holidays.

Love and sex through the eyes of Ukrainians

G reat news! Kiev, the city of my birth, has been ranked by Traveler's Digest as number one — as far as the presence of "beautiful women" is concerned, that is. Am I glad? Or am I a joyless feminazi who will use this news as an excuse to launch into a diatribe about how the beauty of women is a red herring in a country as plagued by social problems as Ukraine? The truth is, Kiev probably does have some of the most beautiful women in the world — and they are present at all levels of society.
Skip to content. At night they pack the discos and restaurants and bars. Some of them study and work here. Others have come to take in the architecture, history and museums of this breathtaking Eastern European capital, or are on their way to a vacation in one of the picturesque outlying towns.